Young & Ayata will be presenting a series of vessels employing the most cutting-edge digital technology to design, print and finish objects created for specific flowers and flower arrangements.

Biography of Speaker/Presenter: 
Young & Ayata formed a partnership in New York in 2008 to explore the conceptual and aesthetic possibilities of architecture and urbanism. The practice is dedicated to both built commissions and experimental research. The practice views the reality of contemporary building as a provocation for architectural form, material and technology. In following these trajectories it is necessary to understand architecture in its historical processes. Both principals teach and view the educational experience as crucial to the continual development of architectural ideas. 
Recently, Young & Ayata were finalists in the 2015 MoMA YAP Program in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2014, the partners were the recipients of the Young Architects prize from Architectural Leaugue of New York, their entry in the open international competition for the Dalseong Citizen's Gymnasium in South Korea received an honorable mention, and their submission for the Pamphlet Architecture 35 publication was also given an honorable mention. A manifesto to be published by the Graham Foundation, titled "The Estranged Object: realisms in Art and Architecture", written by MIchael Young with the projects of Young & Ayata is forthcoming; an exhibition with the firm's work in relation to this publication has been on display at the Graham Foundation in Chicago.