The Pop Art movement reflects on the cult of celebrity, commodity fetishism, and media reproduction that permeated everyday life in the post-war era and continues to shape our cultural understanding. A central characteristic of Pop Art was the dialogue between design and art, which is now being explored in this exhibit -- organized by the Vitra Design Museum -- the first-ever comprehensive exhibition on the topic. Works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, Roy Lichtenstein, and Judy Chicago are paired with design objects by Charles Eames, George Nelson, Achille Castiglioni and Ettore Sottsass. This exhibition shows how design was, in some cases, even the lead impetus in Pop Art. This exhibition takes a more detailed look at the Pop phenomenon: the migration of motifs between art and design; the relationship between everyday object and image; and how everyday life came under the influence of pop culture.