Rem Koolhaas’s 2014 Venice Architectural Biennale exhibition The Elements of Architecture presented what he considered the fundamental elements of buildings: the floor, wall, ceiling, window, facade, corridor, door, stair, etc. to analyze the components of architecture. Elemental looks at the same elements within 6018North’s dilapidated mansion’s mish-mash of architectural periods and styles, but through the lens of artists. How do artists approach the elements of window, floor, door, ceiling?

Artists include: Teresa Albor, Deborah Boardman, Dzine, First Office, Vlatka Horvat, Nance Klehm, Jason Lazarus, Luftwerk, Sarah Mallin, Kathleen McCarthy, Bryan Saner with Emilia Vidal-Hallet and Moises Salazar, Rodrigo Lara Zendejas, etc.

Biography of Speaker/Presenter: 
Artists range from more well-known - Dzine, Jazon Lazarus, and Luftwerk - to more emerging artists. 

The curator - Tricia Van Eck - is the Artistic Director of 6018North and is a former curator at Chicago's MCA where she curated numerous exhibitions over 13 years, including the Chicago presentation of Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe.