In Distal Zone, Karsten Lund responds to the exhibition environment at the Franklin through a series of physical interventions (or interpositions) along with new image-based works. Providing a floating  conceptual frame of reference here, the word distal has meanings in the field of geology, where it refers to the outer area affected by geological activity; in anatomy, where it means situated away from the center of the body; and even in psychology or pedagogy where a distal zone represents knowledge to be learned later.THE FRANKLIN is a uniquely designed, artists-run project space that allows artists and curators to engage with the East Garfield Park community through cultural events. THE FRANKLIN is located in the backyard of Edra Soto and Dan Sullivan’s home. 

KARSTEN LUND has lived and worked in Chicago since 2007, after completing an MA at the University of Chicago. Most visible as a curator and writer, he maintains an active art practice as well.The works in this exhibition are from a larger, ongoing project that uses collage as a method, various kinds of print imagery as source material, and analogue and digital processes, leveraging both photographic and sculptural concerns. Related works of his have been shown in Chicago at various artist-run spaces, including Peregrine Program, New Capital Projects, and the Bike Room. Lund works as a Curatorial Assistant at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. He has organized a number of exhibitions at the MCA Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago, the Hyde Park Art Center, and other institutions and unconventional sites.

THE FRANKLIN is a 12’ x 12’ outdoor wood structure that holds designed ventilation screens and 6 movable walls, a deck floor and a corrugated ceiling panes. THE FRANKLIN is the only artist-run exhibition venue in Chicago designed and fabricated by it's owners. 

Open every Saturday from 2-5:00PM. Tours are offered during open hours and by appointment.