Carol Ross Barney, founding design principal of Ross Barney Architects and the lead design architect of the Chicago Riverwalk, will be at the River Theater (between  North Clark Street and North LaSalle Street) to discuss this evolving civic space. 

Learn about the storied past and vision Daniel Burnham once had for the Riverwalk.
Hear about the development, both complete and under construction. 
Share your thoughts on its success and short-comings.
Take a selfie and share your experience. 

This is a rare opportunity, both for visitors of the Riverwalk and the designers, to learn how our urban spaces are developed and how they impact individual lives and our shared environment. For more than fifteen years, Carol has championed a vision for increased cultural appreciation of the Chicago River, which for too long has had its reputation marred by poor water quality. The catalyst for this shift has been the Riverwalk, and its reclamation of an industrial relic into public space to be used by residents and visitors alike.

“…the Riverwalk marks a significant step forward in achieving the ideal – of transforming the once-neglected downtown riverfront into a showcase public space that creates the equivalent of a second lakefront. Here, in bold strokes worthy of Daniel Burnham, Chicago is confirming and renewing its identity as a civilized metropolis.” – Blair Kamin, Pulitzer Prize winning Architecture Critic @ the Chicago Tribune. 

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