Part of Spotlight: Architecture Space Design at the Chicago International Film Festival Michele De Lucchi, a student and associate of Ettore Sottsass, Michele De Lucchi was a prominent figure of the Memphis Group. Among his major works: architectural and industrial design projects, designing and renovating buildings for Enel, Olivetti, Piaggio, Poste Italiane and Telecom Italia as well as museums such as the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Berlin’s Neues Museum and the recent Galleria d’Italia Piazza Scala in Milan, Italy. Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis will discuss his longtime friendship and collaboration with Michele De Lucchi.

Following the screening, Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis will discuss his longtime friendship and collaboration with Michele De Lucchi. He is President of the Triennale of Milan and Head of the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano. He is also a professor of Industrial Design, Interior Design, Textile Design and Fashion Design and the director of the project, a Consortium of the Politecnico di Milano operating in the field of design acting as an interface between universities, companies, and professional organizations, institutions and bodies. He has published many books and written articles for various magazines.