This is a presentation of a new experimental documentary about the expression of state and cult power in the architectural spaces surrounding Brasília. The filmmakers will be presenting new footage from their work-in-progress along with a 50 minute program of experimental cinema about architecture and social control. The filmmakers will invite audience for feedback and support.

Biography of Speaker/Presenter: YONI GOLDSTEIN & MEREDITH ZIELKE (directors) are award winning international filmmakers, cinematographers, and editors. Goldstein and Zielke work collaboratively on social documentary projects: from examining hybridized healing practices in the Northern Andes ("La Curación"), to children in American prisons ("Natural Life"), to critical explorations of history and somatic memory ("The Jettisoned"). Their films have been presented internationally across several major festivals, conferences and classrooms. Goldstein and Zielke’s work as directors and cinematographers have been selected and awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, Festival Black movie de Genève, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Hot Springs Documentary Festival, Festival International du Film Ethnographique du Québec, Festival International du Documentaire et Rencontres sur la Biodiversité et les Peuples, Hot Docs Digital Doc Shop, Globians Doc Fest Berlin, and many others.