Swiss artist, Thomas Hirschhorn and MoMA curator, Yasmil Raymond discuss their work together on the acclaimed Gramsci Monument, a tribute to philosopher Antonio Gramsci. This summer-long installation commissioned by Dia Art Foundation in 2013, was built by housing residents in the courtyard of Forest Houses projects in the South Bronx in New York City. This “living sculpture” took the form of a sprawling outdoor structure, made up of a number of rooms or pavilions collaged together out of everyday materials such as tinfoil, cardboard, plywood, blue tarps, and packing tape. Over the course of the installation this living sculpture offered a daily program of lectures by many international renowned artists, philosophers, curators, critics; children’s workshops; poetry performances; onsite radio station; all documented in daily newspaper. The discussion will be followed by a Q &A session moderated by University of Chicago's Karla Scherer Distinguished Service Professor in American Culture and Deputy Provost for the Arts, Bill Brown.

Presented by the University of Chicago’s Arts, Science & Culture Initiative and the Department of Visual Arts.

Sponsored by the University of Chicago Arts Council, Critical Inquiry, the Franke Institute for Humanities, and the Swiss Embassy.