Claustrophobic urban spaces, hypnotic skylines, and historic architecture coalesce in this collection of shorts that take a bright new view of space and design in cinema.

INsite: A Document (US) sheds fresh light on Mies van der Rohe’s famous Farnsworth House in Plano, Illinois. Two young brothers feel suffocated by their closed urban environment in Ten Buildings Away (Israel). Tehran-Geles (France, 15) draws a mesmerizing continuum between Tehran and Los Angeles. You’ll be Out of Breath (Switzerland) after an animated flight through a city’s arteries. Meet the diverse inhabitants of a colossal apartment building in Super-Unit(s) (Poland, 16). Zero m2 (France) follows the humorous misfortunes of a student’s eventful apartment hunting. Various languages with subtitles. 93 min.

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This program is part of the Chicago International Film Festival's Spotlight: Architecture + Space + Design film series. 
This program celebrates the remarkable spirit and outstanding representations of innovative architecture and design in the cinema. From Milan to Tokyo to São Paulo, the international selection features the work of celebrated visionaries and chronicles ordinary people and characters interacting with extraordinary and complex places and spaces.