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For most of recorded history, the history of architecture has been, in large part, the history of the house.  Some houses are so memorable, or connect so strongly to our ideas of domesticity, that they have become iconic, influencing subsequent generations of designers. Iconic houses have widespread appeal based on culturally determined ideas and forms which they embody, idealize, and often transcend.  Five residential architects will discuss the houses that have most influenced their architectural thinking and show their built work. 


Julie Hacker, FAIA, Cohen & Hacker Architects LLC


Stuart Cohen, FAIA, Cohen & Hacker Architects LLC

Tom Shafer, AIA, Thomas Shafer Architects

Michael Graham, AIA, Liederbach and Graham Architects

Margaret McCurry, FAIA, Tigerman McCurry Architects

Kevin Toukoumidis, AIA, dSPACE Studio Ltd.