Clint Sleeper and Didier Morelli will explore intersections between sound and the performing body inside a rented U-haul. The event marks the one-year anniversary of Defibrillator’s move to its new space. Through different recording and emitting devices, Sleeper will transform the truck into a reactive and receptive sound environment to (quite literally) bounce off and reverberate. Reflecting on the nature of artistic venues and the impact of artist mobility on the urban fabric, both artists wish to critically engage with the ready-made space of the U-haul as mobile architecture. QUESTION: Is the U-haul the most permanent architecture of a city in transition—particularly in neighborhoods like these (Wicker Park) that have become bastions of gentrification?

The City in Between features Performances by Didier Morelli that focus on the intersections between the urban environment and Chicago’s architectural history. Through various architectural constructs, Morelli looks to shift habitual functionalist relationships and spatial-identities through ordinary human gestures. These performances will transform, challenge, and question the spatial poetics of both interior and exterior spaces. The artist will unpack and examine notions of how performance (art) and public space intercept and collide in contemporary and historical discourse and practice. Morelli’s PHD subject at Northwestern University, in the department of Performance Studies, examines performance artists in dialogue with built environments. Morelli wishes to explore Chicago’s unique architectural history as a site of performative action.


Biographies of Speakers/Presenters: 

Didier Morelli
As an interdisciplinary artist, Didier Morelli combines his performance practice with academic research. In 2013 he had a solo exhibition at Katharine Mulherin Gallery (Toronto, Canada). He participated in the 2012 edition of the Scotiabank Toronto Nuit Blanche at Whippersnapper Gallery, as well as the 2014 edition of the Performance Arcade (Wellington, New Zealand). Based in Chicago, he is currently a PhD candidate in Performance Studies at Northwestern University. Please visit

Clint Sleeper is a media artist, performer, and maker, whose work humorously ponders an end to capitalism and seriously considers alternative possibilities for picking up the pieces and moving forward. This is a process of oscillating between old and new technologies as well as considering, in a clumsy fashion, popular or difficult philosophical positions. Ultimately, this research and this artwork reiterates a sense of responsibility while upholding a brand of humor and a commitment to performing within those demands, however naive those performed roles may seem. The resulting books, videos, interactive sculptures, and performances are shown in galleries and festivals internationally.


Defibrillator Gallery is partially supported by grants from the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, The Illinois Arts Council Agency, and an Anonymous Donor.