Research, development and innovation are core activities for ENEA - Italian National Agency for New technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, which headquarters and most important research infrastructures are located in Rome and the Lazio Region in Italy. Thanks to the participation to regional clusters as well as national and international networks, ENEA has developed in the last five years both top-down and bottom-up approaches to facilitate and boost development and innovation of technologies and solution for the smart cities.

Starting from SMEs needs (bottom-up approach) or from regional, national and international priorities (top-down approach), ENEA highlighted several solutions (smart lighting, smart street, smart node, smart district, participatory approach, SUN – social urban networks…) to facilitate transition of Italian cities towards smart city concept. The added value of ENEA approach is the focus on solutions, a well balanced mix of innovative integrated technologies, business model and citizen engagement, which represent a real opportunity for Urban Public Authorities to face grand European Urban Challenges: aging population, migration, climate change, congestion, social unrest, segregation, debt crisis, peak oil.

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Paola Clerici Maestosi is a Researcher in ENEA, Italy. She also serves as Vice-chair for European Research Alliance Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe and Co-coordinator for European Energy Research Alliance Sub Program 3 Energy-efficient Interactive Building Joint Program on Smart Cities, EC.

In partnership with AIA and the Italian Association of Architects.