Join a dialogue about process with Mikel Patrick Avery, PORT Urbanism, Carlos Rolón/Dzine and architect Dave Walker, moderated by architect Karla Sierralta, during the opening reception of the Arts + Public Life exhibition Forms of Imagination. Attendees can take a critical look at the materials used in the planning for each project before joining the artists and designers in a conversation about the challenges of the planning process as the intentions and expectations of the artist or designer confronts the inevitable reality of the viewer’s interaction with the work in the public sphere.

From 12 - 2 pm there will be a panel discussion with Carlos Rolón/Dzine, PORTUrbanism, Mikel Patrick Avery and Dave Walker.

Composer, musician and instrument designer Mikel Patrick Avery embraces the challenge of making music out of unconventional materials.

Urban design firm PORT Urbanism, co-founded by Christopher Marcinkoski and Andrew Moddrell, specializes in creating new approaches to collective urban space.

Artist Carlos Rolón/Dzine investigates pop culture, craft, ritual, beauty, and their relationships to art history, subculture, appropriation, and institutions.

Dave Walker is founder and director of the architecture and urban planning studio W A L K which focuses in projects that aid in the redevelopment of communities.

Karla Sierralta is co-founder of the design lab STRAWN + SIERRALTA and Studio Associate Professor at the Illinois Institute Technology's College of Architecture.