An artist-lead guided walk of the historic Pullman neighborhood--recently designated a National Monument town by President Obama--with a focus on its art, architecture and  landmarks. During the tour, you'll experience a walk back in time - almost all of the original 1880s housing and many original public buildings comprise the district today. Our tour will begin at the Mosnart gallery and continue on to the Matthew Hoffman “Go For It” installation, and include a number of alley art examples.  Our tour will include a stop at the Pullman Artspace site - an artist live/work project being developed in partnership with PullmanArts. We will have a conceptual discussion with the winning Chicago architectural team, the project and the site history.

Pullman is a city built artistically in every part. As in the cars built and operated by the Pullman Company, art is a conspicuous feature here. The parks, public buildings and homes of the place form many paintings and poems in brick, stone, landscapes and foliage.