The proposals of recent graduates from the Design Program in Sapienza University of Rome are interesting experimentations in sustainability and innovation and are strongly inspired by the Italian design traditionally focused more on user needs and desires rather than the productive requirements or the business logics. This program with Dr. Lorenzo Imbesi, Professor, University Sapienza in Rome (Italy), will introduce the design principles and practices of this design approach, while displaying a few design projects.

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Dr. Lorenzo Imbesi is an architect, with a PhD in Environmental Design, and a Professor at Sapienza University of Rome in Rome, Italy. Previous to his position at Sapienza, he was Associate Professor at Carleton University, School of Industrial Design (Ottawa, Canada). He is a critic and essayist for many reviews, and is currently Co-Director of the magazine DIID – Disegno Industriale. He has also served as a keynote speaker and coordinator for several international conferences and curated design exhibitions and events. His interests include the impact of new technologies and artifacts on design culture--especially its critical expressions and theoretical inter/trans/post-disciplinary implications with regard to our contemporary knowledge society and the social, cultural, and ethical.

In partnership with Sapienza University of Rome and the School of the Art Institute.