Architects Sarah Dunn and Martin Felsen will discuss their Filter Island proposal that is part of the “BOLD: Alternative Scenarios for Chicago” exhibition within the Chicago Architecture Biennial as well as some of the latest projects of the office.

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UrbanLab was cofounded by Martin Felsen and Sarah Dunn as a collaborative office practicing architecture and urban design. Our projects span scales, from large, urban proposals to small residential projects, to architecture installations. Our primary interest is in forward-looking projects that speculate on a more resilient and resourceful tomorrow.

UrbanLab brings creativity and collaboration to each design project. We view challenges as opportunities to create memorable buildings and places that are both beautiful and surprising. We routinely assemble talented multidisciplinary teams with the highest levels of expertise and experience to realize architectural and urban design projects. Our design process is characterized by deep inquiry and collaborative exchange; design work is informed by intensive research and an experimental approach. We strive to invent innovative, environmentally responsible design solutions and create spaces that establish healthy connections between people and their environments. Built work to date includes mixed-use commercial/residential buildings, houses, housing, restaurants, art/educational installations, and large resilient infrastructural projects + recreational landscapes.

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This event is organized by Iker Gil as part of the exhibition “BOLD: Alternative Scenarios for Chicago” on display at the Chicago Cultural Center as part of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.