The Adaptive Architectures and Smart Materials Exhibition accompanies a conference calling forward the enhanced and responsive nature of architectural surfaces and spaces. The integration of new performance, communication, and interactivity technologies fundamentally transforms spaces and places into networked, responsive environments. Architecture has become “smart” at a variety of scales, from the component scale of the micro controller and material elements, to the systems scale of the environmental controls of the facade system, and their integration in a comprehensive and adaptive synthetic whole. The building envelope is currently the site of intense speculation; the introduction of CNC fabrication techniques allows for increased formal complexity, while new material properties in glass, polymers, and fabrics offer new spatial, visual, and thermal properties. These new materials have the capacity to transform architecture—its optical properties, configuration, thermal qualities, and even architecture’s ability to regulate its appearance. They demand a radical rethinking of interior and exterior, private and public, exposure and (in)visibility within architecture.