The Chicago Architecture Biennial is the first major international exhibition of architecture in North America; the roots of such architectural displays can be traced to World’s Fairs and Expos that have long brought design and construction together here and abroad. The coincidence of Expo 2015 in Milan and the Chicago Architecture Biennial presents the opportunity to consider the challenges of exhibiting architecture when globalization encourages both greater individual performance and increased uniformity among architects. 

Luisa Collina
Full Professor, School of Design, Politecnico di Milano and Rector’s Delegate for Expo and internationalization policies, Politecnico di Milano, Curator of Building the Expo both in Milan and the resized version in Chicago.

Matteo Scagnol 
Partner, MoDus Architects, Guest Professor at Università di Trento, Building the Expo Design 

Jonathan Mekinda 
Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago with a joint appointment in the Department of Art History and the School of Design.