This series of four classes, taught by a leading architectural commentator or scholar, lets you be a student again.

  • September 14: Roots of Modernism with Tim Whitman: Learn how Chicago became the cradle for Modernism in the U.S. as a unique set of factors came into play during World War II.
  • September 21: Evolution of Modernism with Ed Keegan: From supertall skyscrapers to superhighways, the built environment evolved rapidly in the decades following the post-WWII boom.
  • September 28: Postmodernism with Jen Masengarb: Every action has its accompanying reaction. Learn about the spread of Postmodernism in the 1970-90s as architects pushed against the simplicity of Modernism.
  • October 5: The State of the Art of Architecture with Ned Cramer: The 21st century calls for a new built environment. Explore where architecture is now and where it’s headed.