Sydney, Australia

otherothers is a design organization based in Bondi Junction, Australia, that undertakes research, criticism, and curatorial work. Founded by architectural curator Grace Mortlock and designer David Neustein, the organization works in parallel with Other Architects, Neustein's architectural practice. Since 2011, it has produced public exhibitions, journal articles, competition entries, and unsolicited urban proposals, drawing on a diverse network of collaborators.


“otherothers – Chicago Architecture Biennial 2015,” The Plan

“Architects hope to breathe new life into McMansions by carving them up,” Domain, Michael Bleby

“Australians present proposal to “un-supersize” McMansions at Chicago Architecture Biennial,” Architecture Australia

Biennial Project: Otherothers. Offset House. Courtesy of Chicago Architecture Biennial / Nathan Keay, 2015