Andreas Angelidakis

Athens, Greece

Andreas Angelidakis trained as an architect at Columbia University. He switches roles between artist, curator, and architect, and often reverses the expected sequence of architecture—realization to representation—by starting with an existing building and producing models, films, ruins, installations or alternative histories, blurring fact and fiction, and smoothing out the borders between the real and the virtual. He is inspired by the city of Athens, and his work deals with the notion of ruin, be it ancient, contemporary, or imaginary. Recent exhibitions include The System of Objects: The Dakis Joannou Collection Reloaded by Andreas Angelidakisat the DESTE Foundation, Athens (2013); Every End is A Beginning at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (2014); and Fin de Siècle at the Swiss Institute, New York (2014).

Biennial Project: Andreas Angelidakis. Fantasy Ruins: Bags, Body Parts and Bibelot.